Ebooks by Mark Bridgeman

The Lost Village of Lawers: New Edition

The Lost Village of Lawers

The Lost Village of Lawers tells the story of the haunting and enigmatic abandoned village that nestles besides the shores of Loch Tay. Almost 1,000 years of surprising human history are hidden within its tumbling ruins. Unknown, unseen, and forgotten by many, this new expanded edition reveals the story behind the ruins and attempts to answer the question that has puzzled so many people – just who was its most famous resident – The mysterious 'Lady of Lawers’?’ Includes a a handy guide to the village, the oldest known photograph of Lawers, and a recently discovered story that has remained hidden for more than 200 years.

ERASED Chapter 1: The Missing Millionaire

The Missing Millionaire

Erased: A new series of intriguing missing person cases from around the world by Mark Bridgeman, author of The 'Lost' Village of Lawers. The first book in the series is 'The Missing Millionaire', in which the author investigates the mysterious disappearance of American millionaire, Joseph Wilberforce Martin in London, England, in 1913.

ERASED Chapter 2: The Empty House

The Empty House

Chapter 2 in Mark Bridgeman's series of intriguing missing persons cases from around the world is set among the glamour of 1940s Hollywood, where everyone has a secret. Why did a rich widow suddenly vanish, leaving an uneaten meal on the table, the lights switched on, and her car still in the garage?

ERASED Chapter 3: The Dancer Who Disappeared

The Dancer Who Disappeared

Los Angeles 1949. A series of brutal unsolved murders and unexplained disappearances has terrified the female population and confounded the authorities. But for one beautiful, budding dancer and actress the world seemed a very different place. Days after appearing alongside one of Hollywood's biggest stars in her first big movie break, she kissed her 5-year-old daughter goodbye and headed out for a mysterious night-time rendezvous - never to be seen again. A spine tingling and bewildering true story set in the golden era of Hollywood, when the silver screen reflected the City of Angel's menacing side. But what really happened to The Dancer Who Disappeared?

ERASED Chapter 4: When The Trail Goes

When The Trail Goes

Five people go missing in five years, all within a few miles of each other. Always at the same time of day, and always at the same time of year. The police are baffled. Are the disappearances connected or is it purely a coincidence? Or is it something far more sinister.

ERASED Chapter 5: The Legs on the Train Murder Price

The Legs on the Train Murder Price

A gruesome discovery on a London train shocks the nation. Has the man behind a series of unsolved murders struck again? As Scotland Yard detectives race to solve the riddle of the missing man, another macabre discovery changes the course of the investigation.

The Grassington Murder

The Grassington Murder

On the 1st April 1766, the quiet Yorkshire Dales market town of Grassington was rocked by the disappearance of its popular local doctor, Dr Richard Petty. When the doctor’s body was finally discovered, the fearsome Tom Lee, already a notorious highwayman, was arrested. The townsfolk of Grassington were convinced of Lee’s guilt, but could they prove their case in court before Lee could kill again?

Best selling writer, Mark Bridgeman, (author of The Dark Side of the Dales), presents his meticulously researched story of Tom Lee – the man who thought he could escape the gallows. Thanks to some newly unearthed evidence, Mark also questions the truth of the accepted legend surrounding Tom Lee and asks: How many other murders did he commit?