The Haunted Bothy | Mark Bridgeman Author

During my years as a writer I've researched many violent and unnerving stories from Scotland's turbulent history.

Flora MacDonald - 150 Years | Mark Bridgeman Author

2022 marks the 300th anniversary of Flora MacDonald's birth. With it comes the opportunity to honour her life and bravery, in assisting Prince Charles Stuart.

St Kilda - The Residents Return | Mark Bridgeman Author

During the lockdown of 2020 I wrote a series of articles, about the remote and unique island archipelago of St Kilda. Somehow the isolation of lockdown matched the mood of the islands.

The Ghost of Gight Castle | Mark Bridgeman Author

The small estate of Gight in the Formartine area of Aberdeenshire is perhaps best known as the location of the 16th-century Gight (or Formartine) Castle, the ancestral home of Lord Byron.

The White Sheep | Mark Bridgeman Author

Following the publication of The Beacon On The Hill at Christmas 2020, I received lots of messages from readers who enjoyed the story of the errant Vicar of Christ Church, the infamous Mr Newton Ebenezer Howe.

Memories Of Prince Charles Stuart | Mark Bridgeman Author

During some research I had undertaken recently, I stumbled across a long forgotten article from an obscure regional newsheet, the (rather pointedly named) The Carlisle Patriot.

Prince Charles Stuart - The Musical | Mark Bridgeman Author

31st December 2020 marks the 300th anniversary of the birth of Prince Charles Edward Louis John Casimir Sylvester Severino Maria Stuart - better known to us as 'The Young Pretender' or 'Bonnie Prince Charlie'.

The Ghost of Glamis | Mark Bridgeman Author

One of Scotland's most famous castles is almost certainly its most haunted. In fact, Glamis Castle in Angus may well be the most haunted place in Europe!

The Cairn Of The Dead | Mark Bridgeman Author

As you pass through the attractive Perthshire village of Fortingall, tucked against the hill line at the gateway to Glen Lyon, your eyes cannot but help to be drawn to the pretty…

The Sad Story of Edward Rector | Mark Bridgeman Author

While recently researching some background information on the American legal system, for another story I’m piecing together, I came across this despatch…

St Kilda, Its People | Mark Bridgeman Author

Encouraged by an upturn in public interest in St Kilda, in the middle of the 19th century, and having just returned from delivering a public lecture on the islands…

St Kilda And The Last Of The Penguins | Mark Bridgeman Author

The population of St Kilda, before the island’s evacuation, survived mainly on seabirds and their eggs. Because fishing in the waters around the archipelago…

St Kilda: Smallpox, Or Was it? | Mark Bridgeman Author

The island archipelago of St Kilda, sitting alone in the Atlantic some 40 miles west of North Uist, was once home to a small population…

St Kilda, The Evacuation | Mark Bridgeman Author

90 years ago today, at 8am on 29th August 1930 the evacuation of the far flung island archipelago of St Kilda began. The HMS Harebell pulled away from the harbour on the main island of Hirta…

The Killing of Janet Smith (Part Two) | Mark Bridgeman Author

The four-day inquest in the killing of Janet Smith recorded the following verdict. The Killing Of Janet Smith (Part Two)

The Killing Of Janet Smith (Part One) | Mark Bridgeman Author

This month marks the 96th anniversary of the killing of a young girl from Perth that sent shockwaves around the world. The death of Janet Smith was so notorious, so scandalous, and so controversial…

Thoughts From Demerara | Mark Bridgeman Author

By way of a follow up to yesterday’s story The Link And The Legacy, and to conclude the piece, I came across two interested newspaper articles during the course of my research.

The Link And The Legacy (Part Two) | Mark Bridgeman Author

Remarkably, given the extent of the involvement of Highland Scots in the history of Guyana, their role has been all but airbrushed from history. WARNING This story contains elements that some readers may find upsetting (explanations of torture and historical references)

The Link And The Legacy (Part One) | Mark Bridgeman Author

Nestled on the gently sloping hillside above Bridge of Tilt in Highland Perthshire sits the neat and attractive Kilmaveonaig Episcopal Church.

The Slave And The Slavetrader | Mark Bridgeman Author

This is the story of the rise and fall of one of Scotland's wealthiest slavetraders and the 'perpetual servant' who took on his master and, with him, the whole establishment.